Online Pharmacy Affiliate Program


Here at, we urge you to affiliate with usfor some commission amount. We offer commission to our affiliates on each and every sale made by them. None of our affiliates remain deprived of the RevShare.

What is is all about medical products being sold either with their generic names or brand names, available at a single vendor. We offer ease to our marketers and affiliates for the provision of medical products availability under one roof.

Our mode of operation

We do not supply medical products directly to the customers; we have set up an affiliate program or service. By the means of our affiliate system we disburse customer orders through the affiliates.

Offered services

As mentioned earlier, we do not provide any direct services to meet the online orders placed by our b=valued customers. Our sole purpose is to keep up with the affiliates who are a good source of marketing for us and bring sales to us. We keep the affiliates in the middle and in turn pay them for the services that we need from them.

We have a wide range of products belonging to any category of medicine and intended to cure any kind of disease or problem, this is the prime reason many people consult us for the efficient provision of their demands and that too within time. This over whelming response to our services pushed us to the creation of a new affiliate system.

Our affiliate system

Our affiliate system is very attractive to anyone who knows marketing tactics and looking for a chance to earn a reasonable amount using their marketing skills. We offer a great deal of services and our policies are best suitable for anyone who looks for an all-time business.

Policies for our affiliates

Here is a list of policies that we have set as standard to be followed by all our affiliates.

  • No affiliate can be hired without the evaluation of their marketing skills.
  • Affiliates do not require any experience.
  • Affiliates must be paid as soon as payment from the customer is received.
  • Provision of website for each and every affiliate is a must.
  • Only online transactions are valid.
  • 24 hours support must be provided to the affiliates in addition to any marketing help or stuff they need.
  • Affiliates must know SEO techniques.

Our purpose

To provide the customers with ultimate satisfaction is our goal, and to meet the goal we are putting all of our efforts into this business of medicines and medical products. We always make sure about the availability of all the products and try to grab any product that gets out of the stock. We train out affiliates to put customer benefits first.

Benefits of our affiliate system

We formerly worked as an online pharmacy that did not work with the help of affiliates. We used to operate on our own, without any external interference, but with the increasing demand for business and medicines, it was becoming difficult to operate individually, so we decided put in some people with us known as our affiliates. This affiliate system has provided us and our customers with some amazing benefits like ease of ordering, on time delivery, punctual payments etc. All we do now is to maintain the stock in our ware house, and make it safe place to store medicine.

Something about our warehouse

We have maintained warehouse where all the hygienic conditions are taken care of. We worry about your health more than you do. We take extra care of all the favorable conditions of medicines individually. If any medicine needs to be stored at some significant temperature conditions, we store them in the required conditions.

The final word

We are here with awhole new method of delivering medicines. Affiliate program is a new concept to the world of marketing and we have adopted this approach to excel in the field of marketing and medicine.